Physalia is a motion graphics and VFX studio based in Barcelona that is taking VFX experimentation to the next level. Their DIY mentality makes them a creative force to be reckoned with. This video offers a few insights as well as some examples of their creative work.

Our love for electronics impels us to develop tools to shoot things that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. This mix of self-made tools and motion graphics is the inspiration for some of our projects, and when the opportunity arises, we like twisting and pushing the possibilities of the creative process. Nevertheless, we have a solid body of commercial work and have coordinated and collaborated in all the stages of production in very different and succesful projects: advertisements, idents, music videos, webpages, etc… –

Making of Opening Titles for OFFF Perscara & Webfest by Physalia

Check out this behind the scenes look at how they created a “multi-sized orbital crane” using all stop-motion photography.

OFFF Pescara & Webfest 2012 – Opening Titles. Making Of from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.

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