‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aronofsky offers his advice on working with actors.

Interview highlights:

  • Director/actor relationship is all about trust.  They want to know you are doing a good job and will make them look good.
  • The worst is when you see an actor acting their heart out, but the film sucks.  It ruins them for future projects.
  • Work hard to service the story and not just exploit actors
  • The money hunt is a pain.  Unless you produce clear genre movies, it is hard to secure money.
  • Limitations of time, money and energy can be stressful.  Indie films have to be shot quickly.
  • Films like “Raging Bull” do not get made anymore, because of the rushed timeline.
  • The best thing you can bring to the world as a filmmaker is your own story.  It must be important to you.
  • Mistakes happen when you try to figure out what everyone else likes.
  • What you like ends up being what others will like.
  • Share your own pain, struggles and victories through your films.  That is what we want to see.

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