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After Effects Basic Tutorial for Beginners

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After Effects Basic Tutorial for Beginners

After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

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This is a basic tutorial in After Effects designed for beginners. Learn how to create text, animate it, and then

LEARN AFTER EFFECTS IN 20 MINUTES! – Tutorial for beginners

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This tutorial is designed for new After Effects users. I tried to include as many basic things needed to get

After Effects Kinetic Typography motion graphics tutorial

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This is a Quick and Dirty way to do motion typography, or a kinetic typography motion graphics tutorial with after

Summit 6 – Hipster Motion Graphics – After Effects

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Summit 6 - Hipster Motion GraphicsToday we'll make a cool geometric hipster animation in Adobe After Effects. This

Rotoscoping Tips and Tricks

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The scripts mentioned in this tutorial can be downloaded for free at is not always the most

After Effects Tutorial: Using the Rotobrush Tool

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In this tutorial I will show you the basics of the Rotobrush tool in After Effects CS6. It's a really


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Shows the basics of Rotoscoping (tracing for visual effects) Part 1 of 2Part 2:

Film Riot – 3 Amazing Film Making Secrets: Slo-Mo, Shutter and Shanking

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Video Tips: Want to make great videos for YouTube or elsewhere? Must watch episode helps you master slow

Building Invisible Walls: Making Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’

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Building Invisible Walls is a collection of stories about the making of Labyrinth by the people who helped to make it. The stories are extracts from full-length interviews with each of the contributors about their ca...

Compositing Techniques with Adobe After Effects

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This Ae tutorial by offers a a few AfterEffects compositing techniques for integrating animated artwork into a live action scene.

The State of Practical Special Effects in Filmmaking

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Fon Davis, a visual effects veteran who has worked on films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Galaxy Quest, Mission: Impossible III, talks about the state of visual effects in film, the resurgence of inte...

Visual Effects Mini Masterclass by David Vickery

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David Vickery is the Visual Effects Supervisor behind movies like Harry Potter and Cloverfield, and  The Dark Knight. In this video, Vickery gives a Mini Masterclass to BAFTA Guru.

Shooting Fast, Cheap and in Control: Ten Minute Film School by Robert Rodriguez

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This installment of the "10 Minute Flick School" by Robert Rodriguez features various tricks and digital VFX techniques he used to shoot Once Upon a Time in Mexico quickly and profitably.

Rob Legato: Visual Effects Mini Masterclass

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Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Legato's Mini Masterclass from BAFTA Guru The visual effects supervisor whose work includes Hugo, Avatar and Titanic talks about the importance of courage, and explains the techniques...

Create a Zach Snyder Style Slow Motion Gun Shot

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This tutorial from FilmRiot offers a nice a sample of a slow-motion gun shot effect (with bullet leaving the chamber, smoke, and flying shell) and how they did it using AfterEffects. Skip to 2:40 to see the shot in a...

How to Choose the Right Green Screen Paint Color

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Choosing the correct green screen paint can improve your chroma-key results. This episode of WOMP show you how to select a good chroma green, how light the green screen,  negatives of using too much contrast, why nois...