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The Sound of Prometheus

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The SoundWorks Collection talks with the sound team of Director Ridley Scott's latest science fiction film "Prometheus" including Supervising Sound Editors Mark Stoeckinger and Victor Ennis, Sound Re-recording Mixers ...

Surround Sound: 7.1 Cinema & Beyond

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Dolby gathered a group of cinema industry leaders and innovators from around the world for an exclusive Filmmakers' Forum held on Monday, July 11, 2011 in San Francisco, CA. Our focus will be on how 7.1 surround so...

Film Riot – How to Manipulate People with Music – Score a Movie or Film!

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Ryan talks about using music in your Film to help give your audience the emotion you want.

Sweeten Audio with the Parametric Equalizer in Premiere Pro

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In this advanced Premiere Pro tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to use the parametric equalizer in Premiere Pro and for CS5.5 in Audition and for CS4/5 in Soundbooth. The parametric eq is a simply and effective way to ...

Using Music in Your Web Series – 2012 IAWTV Awards Panel

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Great web series aren't just about having cool video shots. People see with their ears and no music or off-tone

Composer Interview: Danny Elfman

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Composer Danny Elfman talks about Dark Shadows in this intensive Q&A moderated by Jeff Bond. Hosted at Warner Brothers Studios,

Danny Elfman interview 2002

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Extra's Adam Weissler interviews composer Danny Elfman at his home studio about his work on Planet of the Apes ,

Danny Elfman Interviewed by Jeff Bond

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Grammy Award-winning and four-time Oscar®-nominated composer Danny Elfman interview by Jeff Bond at the historic Warner Bros on Tuesday, May

FMM: Composer Interview- Joey Newman

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You can hear composer Joey Newman's music every time you tune into The Middle on ABC as well as on

Thomas Newman – Notes on a Score Interview (Wall-e)

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Thomas Newman interview on Behind the Scene.

The Role of Technology in Film Composing

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In this clip from - Jeff Rona, an electronic music specialist and notable film composer, assesses the role of

Harry Gregson-Williams Composing Process Interview

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Due to a fantastic reception of our previous video we return this week with another special interview with Harry Gregson-Williams

Robert Rodriguez On Making Music 4 His Films

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Robert Rodriguez talks about making music for his films and what it takes to do so.

‘AUSTRALIA’ – Behind the Scenes – Location Sound

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Wayne Pashley, supervising sound designer for Australia, gives an overview of how he combines on-set recordings and post production sound

Sound Recording Tutorial

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Tutorial describes basic techniques and ways to record sound in film production.Music by Guillaume Zenses:

The Film Lab – Recording Sound: Room Tone

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How five minutes on-set can save your editor hours of grief later on. Mike and Rajo explain room tone, and

Why Use A Field Mixer?

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Audio Guy Steve Grider talks about the advantages of using a field audio mixer, over using the on camera inputs.

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