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Alfred Hitchcock – Masters of Cinema Interview (1972)

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A 1972 Interview with Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock (UK, 1899-1980) is undeniably the world's most famous film director. His name has become synonymous with the cinema, and each new generation takes the same plea...

David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker

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Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker This mini documentary posted by Avid features original interviews with acclaimed director David Lynch. See and hear how Lynch brings his unique vision to the s...

Lessons From My Filmmaking Career: Julie Corman

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Julie Corman began her career in the film industry by marrying legendary film director/ producer, Roger Corman.  In 1972, she produced her first film, which became part of a series of "Night Nurses" films. In 2000 ...

William Goldman on Screenwriting and Life

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William Goldman is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter that has won two Academy Awards for his screenplays, first for the western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1969 and again for All the President's Men i...

The Art of Editing with Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock explains editing.  Enough said.

Alfonso Cuarón on Writing & Directing Gravity

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Alfonso Cuarón is a master filmmaker, from the rough hewn Y Tu Mama Tambien to Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, and now, with something completely original, Gravity. He talks to David Poland about the conce...

Kevin Smith on Filmmaking

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The Spielberg Oner

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One overlooked aspect of Spielberg is that he's actually a stealth master of the long take. From Duel to Tintin, for forty years, he has sneakily filmed many scenes in a single continuous shot. More Spielberg Long-Ta...

Shooting Fast, Cheap and in Control: Ten Minute Film School by Robert Rodriguez

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This installment of the "10 Minute Flick School" by Robert Rodriguez features various tricks and digital VFX techniques he used to shoot Once Upon a Time in Mexico quickly and profitably.

Long Take Example: Goodfellas Restaurant Scene

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For your analysis, a clip of the legendary "long take" in Goodfellas.  The shot begins across the street from the club, and follows the characters through the service entrance, down stairs, through the kitchen, into t...