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The History of the Movie Trailer

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Some people consider them the best part of the movie going experience - the Movie Trailer. Take a look at

5 Relational Editing Techniques by Vsevolod Pudovkin

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Vsevolod Pudovkin was a Russian filmmaker who developed many modern influential theories of montage. This visual analysis produced by director Evan Richards examines of the 5 relational editing techniques of Pudovkin....

Italian Neorealism

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This session introduces some characteristics of Italian neorealist cinema, especially the 'principle of multiplicity' in which aspects of the film serve multiple functions.  This course is taught by David Thorburn and...

Guillermo Del Toro talks Alfred Hitchcock in Studio Q

0 Views0 Comments art-house turned megaplex director, Guillermo Del Toro makes time for Jian in Studio Q between

Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film – episode 10 The Man With The Megaphone

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Silent film directors were flamboyant pioneers, making up their technique as they went along. Filming 'indoor' sets on open outdoor

The History Of Special Effects – part 1

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A documentary revealing the growth of the special effects in motion pictures. From the very first use of photographic tricks

Martin Scorsese on Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and D. W. Griffith

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I have been working on an idea, an editing project idea if you will, of a 15-minute video essay documenting

Sergio Leone’s Opera of Violence

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A documentary about the theory on Sergio Leone and the Spaghetti Western Films.

spaghetti western documentary part 1

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2007 PART 1. A short Documentary / visual essay on the sub genre of Italian westerns more commonly known as

Full Metal Jacket – Between Good and Evil Documentary Part 1/4

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Full Metal Jacket: Between Good and Evil is full of lots of clips—too many clips, probably—along with interviews with cast

Forbidden Fruit, A Clockwork Orange Tony Parsons Part 1

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A With Out Walls Documentary from 1993 About A Clockwork Orange which was Still Withdrawn From Public Viewing In The

Stanley Kubrick Interview (27th November 1966)

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As interviewed by Jeremy Bernstein.

The History of Cutting – The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing

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Cinema began as a novelty - projecting dancing shadows on a screen of simple every day scenes. But through the


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A fanciful and entertaining look at cinema's origins.

Film History – Origins Of The Motion Picture

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Neat Film made by the U S Navy in 1956. Shows a lot of early apparatus and early film not

Scorsese On La Strada

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Martin Scorsese On La Strada.

Building Invisible Walls: Making Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’

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Building Invisible Walls is a collection of stories about the making of Labyrinth by the people who helped to make it. The stories are extracts from full-length interviews with each of the contributors about their ca...

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls pt1

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