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Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold

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Much of the TV, video, film and sport we watch is sponsored by a brand, a product, a corporation. But ... why? With humor and persistence, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock dives into the hidden but influential world of brand...

Festivals, Theaters, VOD and Piracy: Tribeca Film Institute Forum

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Looking to break into the film festival circuit?  Check out this forum by The New School at Tribeca Film Institute forum (2009). Panelists Include: Paul Lovelace: PBS Documentary and independent promo/commercia...

Where Is The Money? The Future of Production & Commissioning

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In the new and rapidly morphing public funding landscape, where can Producers find production funding and secure commissions for the future?  In this Screen Yorkshire Panel,  Producer Alex Usborne of Picture Palace No...

Secrets to Accessing Private Financing Panel at Prime Time in Ottawa

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It is very difficult to fund a movie, unless you have already done it once. Panelists with successfully funded films discuss experiences in raiding private capital. They talk about how to access the private funds that...

‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ Producer Jaimie D’ Cruz & Editor Chris King on Documentary Filmmaking

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An excellent interview with Jaimie D' Cruz, director, and Chris King, editor of the documentary film: "Exit Through the Gift Shop". Exit Through The Gift Shop Trailer Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film ...

Focus on Documentary: How To Get Funding & Financing Partners For Your Projects?

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Stephen Harris, Head of Development, The Workaholic Entertainment Group, USA

Sundance: YouTube, Indiegogo, Producers at TheWrap’s Industry Panel on How to Make Your Movie Pop

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TheWrap brought together a panel of indie film experts to talk about how to make your movie stand out in

Abe Altman: Accountant to the Stars

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Abe Altman spoke to acting students at NYFA Union Square. Abe represents clients that include major talents like Sarah Jessica

HP Presents Exclusive Sundance Panels: New Models of Distribution – Part 1

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Showcase of films capitalizing on new distribution models

LA Doculink Meeting: Fundraising for the Documentary! Meet the Funders 8/18/12

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On Saturday, August 18th, 3-5pm, Doculink LA hosted a "Meet the Funders"event with a panel of funders who educated

Crowdfunding the Independent Film – Film Festival Panel Workshop

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Independent Film Distribution | Martin Myers Interview | Raindance Online Film School

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Subscribe for more Film School interview with Martin Myers, owner of independent film distribution

Filmmaker Wes Anderson: How ‘Bottle Rocket’ Bombed

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Complete video at: Wes Anderson recalls the initial test screening of his

Sundance – Financing Through the Power of Fans

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Financing Through the Power of Fans Panel and ReceptionWith the rise of new online fundraising tools, audience is playing

Future of Film: Elisabeth Holm on Kickstarter

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At the TFF 2012 Future of Film Lunch Series, Kickstarter's Film Program Director Elisabeth Holm discussed the definitive crowd-funding community.

Future of Film: Jason Blum of Blumhouse & Ricky Van Veen of College Humor

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On April 25, content creators Jason Blum and Ricky Van Veen discussed their storytelling techniques and entrepreneurial spirit. Their tales

Future of Film: Aggregating Audiences

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How can independent films connect with audiences, both before and after release? In this Future of Film conversation on April

FULL SPEECH – Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez talks about “El Rey,” his upcoming new cable channel

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Moody College of Communication and Department of Radio-Television-Film alumnus Robert Rodriguez visited the University of Texas at Austin campus on

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