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DIY Tripod Arm for Filming Rotating Macro Shots

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Check out this cool DIY tripod arm attachment dubbed "The Sphere Arm" that can help you rotate around your small subject with ease (and on the cheap!) while keeping the camera focused.  If you are looking to shoot tin...

How to Choose the Right Green Screen Paint Color

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Choosing the correct green screen paint can improve your chroma-key results. This episode of WOMP show you how to select a good chroma green, how light the green screen,  negatives of using too much contrast, why nois...

Basics: DSLR Rigs, Stabilizers & Accessories Overview

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The Bui Bros and Vimeo offer beginners this entertaining look at basic rig options for a DSLR camera that will bost production value.  Find out what these are and what they can do: Optical Viewfinder Attachment: ...

DIY Camera Slider Tutorial

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Richard Bently shows us how to build a slider using parts available online.  This slider is built using a linear guiderail, carriage and Manfrotto 701HDV fluid tripod head.

Canon Lens Guide for Event & Wedding & Event Videos

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What is the best lens (Canon) to use for wedding videography? The answer is many. This video by Stillmotion offers a nice overview of lens selections for shooting wedding videos.

How to Choose and Use a Shoulder Rig

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A shoulder rig can help stabilize your hand-held footage.  This video showcases the "Cinemacanix Pro Rig" and offers a great overview how to use a shoulder rig for your DSLR or video camera. To view more video tuto...

Introduction to DSLR Cameras by Vimeo Video School

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New to shooting with a DSLR? Maybe you're thinking about getting one? This is the first in a series of entertaining videos by Phillip Bloom and Andrea Allen of Vimeo, teaching you the differences between DSLR cameras ...

Phillip Bloom on DSLR Cameras

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An early and prominent proponent of DSLR filmmaking, Philip Bloom stopped by the B&H Studio for a wide-ranging discussion for this episode of Real Exposures. Bloom talks about finding success with full-frame cinem...

Getting to Know the RED One Camera

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A tutorial offering an overview of the major parts of the RED One camera, as well as the basic assembly process. For another overview, check out this short video that further explains how to set up the RED One and ...

Black Magic Cinema Camera vs. Canon 5D Mk III

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Hosted by Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media, this video compares the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and the Canon 5D Mark III in several tests. This includes dynamic range, sharpness, pushing levels, banding, artifacts...

4 Great Tips for Gaffer Tape Emergencies!

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Gaffer's tape, invaluable in uncountable ways, some practical, some silly, some amazing as the Myhbusters have shown in their Duct-tape