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‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ Producer Jaimie D’ Cruz & Editor Chris King on Documentary Filmmaking

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An excellent interview with Jaimie D' Cruz, director, and Chris King, editor of the documentary film: "Exit Through the Gift Shop". Exit Through The Gift Shop Trailer Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film ...

3-Way Color Corrector Basics in Final Cut Pro

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Zach King from Final Cut King explains how to Color Correct using the 3 way corrector in Final Cut Pro. Check out more great filmmaking tools at

5 Relational Editing Techniques by Vsevolod Pudovkin

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Vsevolod Pudovkin was a Russian filmmaker who developed many modern influential theories of montage. This visual analysis produced by director Evan Richards examines of the 5 relational editing techniques of Pudovkin....

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Basics Tutorial

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Learn the fundamental basics for Adobe Premiere Pro. Understand the workspace and the basic tools.1:06 New Project/Scratch Disk

Advanced Color Correction with Adjustment Layers & Masks in Adobe Premiere CS6

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In this tutorial, Tyler of Tylers Photo Video covers advanced color correction and color grading using adjustment layers and secondary color correction to make detailed changes to specified colors in premiere pro CS6.

AE – Creating Tilt-Shift Effect on Video

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After Effects artist and guru Steve Taylor shows us how to "miniaturize" video in this cool tutorial on creating

After Effects: Advanced Green Screen Tutorial

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DOWNLOAD PROJECT FILES FROM OUR BLOG AT: http://www.VideoFort.comIn this video tutorial, VideoFort Don demonstrates how

After Effects: Human Eye VFX

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DOWNLOAD PROJECT FILES AT in the blog section for this tutorial.In this tutorial VideoFort

Chris King: Editing Mini Masterclass

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Chris King, Editor of Senna and Exit Through the Gift Shop, shares his knowledge with BAFTA Guru about editing and storytelling.  King started his film and television studies at California State University, Long Beach...

Color Correction in After Effects

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Using Photoshop for color correction is really a lot easier than you may think. In this tutorial, the method is very simple and fast - NO rendering multiple frames, NO importing video files into Photoshop, and easy ac...

Color Correction: Match Sunny and Cloudy Shots

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The sun and clouds do not take direction very well.  This means that when you are trying to shoot an outdoor scene, you will usually contend with subtle lighting changes that can wreak havoc on your continuity.  Here ...

Dino Jonsäter on Editing ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’

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Dino Jonsäter, editor of 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', shares his experiences and challenges when editing a complex story.

DP/30: Hugo, editor Thelma Schoonmaker

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DP/30: Thelma Schoonmaker cut The Wolf of Wall Street

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She is the editing room Ginger Rogers to director Martin Scorsese's Fred Astaire. The Wolf of Wall Street is

Eddie Hamilton on Editing “Kick-Ass” and Post-Production Workflow

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Eddie Hamilton spent 18 months editing Kick-Ass alongside Jon Harris and double Oscar winner Pietro Scalia. The original Kick-Ass was lauded for paving new ground in visual style for the comic adaptation genre.  In t...

Editing Action Sequences: A Shot in the Dark (Knight)

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Film critic Jim Emerson offers an extremely detailed look at the first part of a famous "The Dark Knight" car/truck chase sequence, analyzing how it is put together and whether the filmmaking grammar makes sense.  Aft...

Editor Michael Kahn Shares His Career Experiences

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In this DP/30 interview, legendary editor Michael Kahn has been associated with Steven Spielberg since the started working together on Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1976, Kahn has taken home 3 Oscars and a par...

Final Cut X Overview Tutorial

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More video training: this! Facebook page:

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