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The Basics of Three Point Lighting

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Key Light? Fill Light? Hair Light?  If these terms do not ring a bell you are going to want to stop what you are doing and hit play.  If you are lighting interviews and other indoor scenes, using the classic 3 point l...

Long Take Example: Goodfellas Restaurant Scene

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For your analysis, a clip of the legendary "long take" in Goodfellas.  The shot begins across the street from the club, and follows the characters through the service entrance, down stairs, through the kitchen, into t...

Fundamentals of Cinematography with Richard Michalak

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Richard Michalak is a cinematographer over 30 years of film and television credits (3 Ninjas, Gordy).  In this video he discusses the fundamentals of cinematography such as composing and framing shots, lighting scenes...

Phillip Bloom on DSLR Cameras

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An early and prominent proponent of DSLR filmmaking, Philip Bloom stopped by the B&H Studio for a wide-ranging discussion for this episode of Real Exposures. Bloom talks about finding success with full-frame cinem...

DP/30: The Help, Mark Ricker, Hughes Winborne, Tate Taylor, Stephen Goldblatt. Sharen Davis

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The team behind The Help chats with DP/30... production designer Mark Ricker, editor Hughes Winborne, director Tate Taylor, cinematographer Stephen

DP/30: War Horse, Janusz Kaminski, Michael Kahn, Rick Carter, Lois Burwell

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Steven Spielberg's below-the-line team on War Horse: Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, Editor Michael Kahn, Production Designer Rick Carter, Head of Make-up

Prometheus Behind the Scenes Clips

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This compilation of b-roll captured during the shooting of Prometheus gives us a behind-the Scenes look at key scenes and camera setups.  This video only contains clips and does not feature any audio interviews or exp...

The 180 Degree Rule and Other Shot Sequence Tips

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An excellent video tutorial on understanding the 180 degree rule produced by The Lights Film School.  This video covers the 180 degree rule and other shot sequencing tips with a few tips on scene lighting to boot.

DP/30: Moneyball, cinematographer, editor, sound editor, director

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Wally Pfister, Christopher Tellefsen, Deb Adair, and Bennett Miller talk about making the film with David Poland. Shot at

DP/30 Short Ends: Cinematographer John Bailey on Digital Cinema & 3D

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Shot in San Francisco at The Academy of Art University, one of Hollywood's best known cinematographers talked to David Poland

DP/30: Black Swan Cinematographer, Director & Editor

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A hour with Black Swan's director Darren Aronofsky, cinematographer Matthew Libatique, and editor Andrew Weisblum

The Spielberg Oner

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One overlooked aspect of Spielberg is that he's actually a stealth master of the long take. From Duel to Tintin, for forty years, he has sneakily filmed many scenes in a single continuous shot. More Spielberg Long-Ta...

DP/30: Inception, cinematographer Wally Pfister

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DP/30: Biutiful, director/writer, cinematographer, editor, composer, executive producer

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Meet Biutiful writer/director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, editor Stephen Mirrione, composer Gustavo Santaolalla, and Executive Producer Guillermo del

DP/30: True Grit, cinematographer Roger Deakins

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The great one speaks...

DP/30: The Social Network, cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth

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Shot via Skype, December 2010

DP/30: 127 Hours, cinematographers Anthony Dodd Mantle, Enrique Chediak

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Shot in Los Angeles & via Skype, November 2010

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